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the answers are in the questions

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Key Services

Whether you need facilitation alone or facilitation and the resulting strategic report or communications plan, LCH Relations can assist.


Organizations find outside facilitation valuable for a number of purposes including:
  • Information gathering with employees, volunteers, staff, customers, community members, committees/task forces
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Strategic planning – setting or refreshing the vision, mandate, key goals and objectives
  • Communication planning -- key message development, audience identification and analysis
  • Program/initiative framework development, assessment
  • Change management activities
  • Issue/challenge/opportunity identification
Quite often, the answers are in the questions, so the process starts with a briefing meeting to establish key factors including:
  • Purpose of the session: What are you trying to achieve?
  • Participants: number of members, what is their history with one another?
  • What are the deliverables and timeline?
  • What key decisions need to be made and who will make them?
What’s next after the initial meeting?

After the briefing meeting, LCH Relations will gain an understanding of your organization through an information review and interviews with identified key stakeholders (potentially staff, volunteers, supporters/funders).

The facilitation approach is then established and tools and techniques are chosen that encourage discussion, draw connections, build ownership and help participants achieve their goals. LCH Relations also ensures that the facilitation approaches and techniques are most suitable for the participants involved and aligned with the organization’s culture.

Once the on-site facilitation is complete, LCH Relations evaluates the sessions and ensures that all follow up is completed—including preparing session summaries.

Communications Planning & Counsel

LCH Relations can create, refresh and revise communications strategies which typically include – key messages, issues analysis and research, audience identification and analysis, and detailed tactical timelines for a variety of stakeholders. LCH Relations also provides communications counsel for clients -- from evaluating awareness opportunities to building relationships with key stakeholders. LCH Relations has also facilitated technology change management projects from a communications planning and roll-out perspective.

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