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facilitating strategic and pragmatic solutions that increase your organizational impact

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    Is your organization at a stage of development, renewal, growth or change? Is your organization moving in the right direction and are your resources being utilized efficiently and effectively on achieving key outcomes? Are the decision makers and influencers on the same page—how do you know?

    LCH Relations can help your organization increase its impact by facilitating strategic and pragmatic thinking. Sometimes it’s simply about asking the right questions and providing the tools and techniques to help your organization be its best self. It might also be about creating or refreshing your strategic plan, determining your key messages or building a communications plan for your stakeholders. An outside, skilled perspective can be valuable at key milestones in your organization’s development or at key stages of major projects and initiatives.

    If you check off these five statements, consider using a facilitator:

    Meeting/session processes need to be improved.
    A neutral perspective could help us to achieve outcomes.
    I want to participate in a particular meeting/session, not lead it.
    Important decisions need to made, accepted and implemented by the group.
    I want to shift ownership for solutions to the group.

    Getting all the “right” people in the room at the same time doesn’t automatically produce the outcomes and deliverables expected. Sometimes you need a neutral guide to get the oars rowing in the same direction.


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